...only LOVE can do [the impossible].

GOOD advice from a BAD girl.   Submizzles.   One of my favorite past-times is inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. You should try it sometime--it's really a breath of fresh air. (Tshimanga, 2009)

Man… love used to be so easy—so uncomplicated… so pure. 

— 2 days ago

Lip rings are my downfall… facial piercings in general are fucking gorgeous. And beards… both? You can have ALLL my babies. LOOOL.

— 1 month ago

Can broken people fix other broken people?

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Hey boo. =) Just kidding… I’m single. 

Hey boo. =) Just kidding… I’m single. 

— 7 months ago
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notabovethestars asked: Whoa, you're SO pretty. Lol i just had to take the time to let you know. Plus points for being congolese and barely speaking lingala, just like me (;


HAHAHHAHAHAHAH LOL Thanks, ma. Just need to keep listening to Fally Ipupa and we’ll get there eventually lol much love xoxo <3

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I’m stupid when I like somebody. Therefore, I’ve decided not to like anybody. Problem solved. 

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Are you willing to be patient and work for what you want? 

— 8 months ago